About 🐱🐾💎

Hi, and welcome to my site! I’m Stacey and I run the one-woman show behind Cat Paw Gems. 

Consumed by wanderlust, I frequently traveled and lived in several states after college including Colorado, Oregon, and California. In 2016, I woke up one day knowing I wanted to be a silversmith and later that year, my Saturn Return reined my nomadic self back to my home state, New York. I then started learning metalsmithing and wax carving from online videos and various designers and jewelry studios in NYC, and Cat Paw Gems was born shortly after.

My handmade jewelry is created with love in my home studio in the NYC metropolitan area.                                                           

100% Cruelty-Free! 🌱

I am vegan and my jewelry is intentionally made using no animal products. That means no rawhide mallets for hammering, no beeswax to lubricate my saw, no suede sandbags for metal stamping, and no leather or suede jewelry displays and packaging. You can read more about the tools I use here.
A portion of all sales is donated to helping animals in need.

Thank you for your support! 🐮🐷🐔🐰


Cat Paw Gems is a registered and licensed user of the Argentium Brand and Trademarks.